Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dolling Post!

A little different from the writing. Sharing some dolls that I've made over the summer.
Dolling, for those who don't know, is an art that involves taking a base [a basically nude, bald, featureless drawing that someone else has made] and drawing clothing and hair on it. Some people, it's their lives. Others, they've never heard of it.
It's just something fun for me. And I want to share.

Anastasia. I like the dress, but not so much the tiara. Base from Xandorra

An acrobat girl. I like the way I did the outfit, but I'd never wear it. Base from Xandorra

Supposed to represent April Fool's Day, or Poisson d'Avril. The French traditional prank is to stick a fish on someone's back. Base from Xandorra

A girl planting a tree. I really like this one. Why can't I make dolls this good all the time. Base from Radiuhoh

I saved this as the wrong type of file, so the colors got compressed. Sad. But this was my first try with a tutu and I wanted to show her off. Base from Xandorra

 Bree, a faerie from Neopets. I don't play Neopets (often) anymore, but I love the design of the faeries. I simplified her design to make it a little easier on me. Base from Radiuhoh

 An entry to a burlesque-inspired contest. Base from Xandorra

 If the carpet from Aladdin was a person. Base from Xandorra

 The Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Base from Xandorra

A clown. She scares me, but I like the shading n this one. Base from Xandorra

The American flag! I don't know why, but I enjoy anthromorphizing objects. Base from Radiuhoh

 Fuhnah. Another Neopets faerie. Base from Radiuhoh

A Halloween girl. I love the background. I need to do more backgrounds. Base from Radiuhoh

A sun goddess. I don't know, I had fun with the sun part. Base from Xandorra

Jasmine! The best of the Disney princesses. Base from Xandorra

Another one that got messed up by saving it as the wrong file type. But I love the detail in the hair. Base from Xandorra

Goddess of the night. I seriously need to do more backgrounds. Base from Xandorra

The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Base from Xandorra

The green chick from Star Trek (2009). I've been told this green chick is somewhere in the original series but I haven't seen it. Base from Xandorra

And that's it. We return to writing soon.
But it's not like anyone was reading that in the first place.

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